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Water Softener Overview

Simply put, water softeners are designed to remove scale building minerals (calcium & magnesium) from feedwater. The importance of a consistent supply of softened water to your process is not lost on us. We have configured the most reliable trouble-free water softener system on the market. Non-corrosive mineral and brine tanks, trouble-free controls and valves, and robust industrial grade cation softening resin are the keystones that our systems are built on.

Our systems are sized for flows from tens to hundreds of gallons per minute, and come in single or multiple tank configurations. Systems can also be skid mounted, pre-plumbed, and pre-wired for ease of installation.

With so many water softeners available, it’s difficult to know the best size and configuration for your project. AWS takes the guesswork out of your selection by learning about your process, application, and feedwater to determine the best system for you.




Optional Features


Industrial Water Softener System

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Throughout the years, water softeners have been optimized through the use of water meters and state of the art controls, but the brine process has remained untouched. That is until now. The addition of a brine reclaim system significantly reduces the quantity of salt used.

AWS created our BrineRite System to reduce salt consumption during your softeners regeneration process. By returning a portion of the “sweet brine” to the brine tank rather than sending it to drain, the system reduces a water softener’s salt consumption by as much as 25%. Systems are designed to work with your new softener or can be retrofit to your existing system.

In addition to a quick payback, our customers found additional benefits through reduced material handling by employees and environmental impact through water conservation.



Optional Features

Brine Reclamation System

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The All Water Advantage

Working with you to understand your process, AWS develops a system designed to work for your business. The AWS Advantage is realized through our quality equipment, built-in reliability, and turnkey systems that exceed expectations.

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