RO Membrane Cleaning


RO Membrane Cleaning

Rather than replacing your poor performing membranes, why not clean them?  Over time, reverse osmosis membranes will become loaded with particulates, organics and other foulants.  Eventually, enough debris will load the membrane and reduce the ability to pass water, thus reducing efficiency, production and quality.

All Water Systems provides reverse osmosis membrane cleaning to restore the membranes to near factory specifications.  Our unique cleaning process utilizes proprietary chemicals with quality checks throughout the process to provide exceptional results.  Pre and post testing analysis of the membranes confirms results and provides a blueprint to customize your cleaning program. This information provides you with better monitoring of your RO system, reduced downtime costs and helps you budget for replacement membranes in advance.



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Working with you to understand your equipment, AWS develops service records to monitor your system and provide enhanced reliability. The AWS Advantage is realized through fully stocked service vehicles, quick response time, and quality service by trained technicians.

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