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Ultraviolet Systems

Disinfecting your treated water is a critical step in your process.  With no residual chemicals and virtually no operator intervention, ultraviolet disinfection systems are the preferred treatment method for many applications.

Ultraviolet disinfection systems sized to your specific application will easily and efficiently disinfect your treated water.  Available controls will provide constant monitoring of light intensity and alert you if the bulb needs replaced.  AWS also tracks your required yearly bulb change outs and will alert you when you are due, leaving you to handle more important aspects of your job.



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Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection System

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Ozone Systems

For over a century, ozone has been used to disinfect water for a variety of applications and industries starting in Europe and now across the globe. As the most powerful oxidizing agent permitted for use, Ozone is 50% stronger than chlorine and has a 3X kill rate.

Our ozone systems are available in a variety of sizes and are designed specifically for the way your process works. We take into account how the components of the system (generation, transfer, feed gas prep, and control/monitoring) work together to deliver the desired ozone concentration, accounting for changes in demand and respond to operational conditions to optimize production.

When you need a disinfectant with strong oxidizing power and a short reaction time, ozone is the answer. It easily integrates into your processes, providing high value through reduced water consumption, energy, and downtime.



Optional Features

Ozone Disinfection Systems

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The All Water Advantage

Working with you to understand your process, AWS develops a system designed to work for your business. The AWS Advantage is realized through our quality equipment, built-in reliability, and turnkey systems that exceed expectations.

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