Featured Product: The Emerald Filter

The Emerald Cooling Tower Filter

Emerald Cooling Tower FilterWhat is it?
Our Emerald Filter is an automatic sidestream filter used to remove the fine particulate that cooling tower systems scrub from the air.  By removing particulate down to sub-micron levels, your cooling tower’s efficiency is increased dramatically.  Studies have shown that the majority of particulate found in towers is in the 0.5 - 5 micron range.  Standard filters only take out the large particles but leave the fine particulate behind.  Key features of the filter are its high efficiency, low backwash requirement, and small footprint.  

How does it work?
The systems filtration occurs on the top of the bed where the crossflow design sweeps across the ultrafine media removing particulate down to 0.5 microns.  A differential pressure switch monitors the inlet/outlet pressures and backwashes automatically as required.  The crossflow design and top level filtration result in minimal backwash requirements.  Extremely high filtration efficiency results in a system that performs better than a standard filter at a fraction of the size.  In fact, systems are designed to filter 2% - 3% of your total recirculation flow.  The Emerald Filter is the answer to operating your tower at peak efficiencies. 

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Why will you love it?

- Reduced energy costs.

- Extended equipment life.

- Reduced maintenance and downtime.

- Enhance effectiveness of chemical treatment programs.

- Small footprint required.

- Minimal backwash requirements.

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