Automatic Self Cleaning Strainers


Disc Strainers

Disc filters are a technological breakthrough with their small footprint, minimal backwash requirements, multiple filtration levels, and high flow rates.  The non-corrosive polypro constructed systems provide filtration from 400 to 20 microns and flows of 40 to 80,000 gpm.  Its stacked disc technology makes it an excellent choice for even the most difficult filtration applications.  The unique and efficient hydraulic, self-cleaning, backwash mechanism requires low water consumption and saves energy demands.

Our disc filters deliver micron-precise depth filtration and long-term operation with minimal maintenance. It is simple to operate, has a short automatic backwash and eliminates the need to replace filter media.



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Screen Strainers

When basic solids removal is required on high flow rate applications, our automatic screen strainers are the tried and true solution. Sure, the concept has been around for a long time, but we have perfected the operation, giving you efficiency and long-term reliability.

We know the key to providing you with optimized production and reduced downtime is a continuous stable supply of filtered water. Our automated strainers give you just that. As particulate builds up on the screen, a pressure transmitter initiates the cleaning cycle with its unique suction scanner technology. Cleaning is fast, efficient, and service flow remains uninterrupted through the cycle.

With a broad range of automatic, semi-automatic, and manual filters, we are able to effectively treat and filter water according to each customer’s specific requirements.



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The All Water Advantage

Working with you to understand your process, AWS develops a system designed to work for your business. The AWS Advantage is realized through our quality equipment, built-in reliability, and turnkey systems that exceed expectations.


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