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RO System

Your application is unique, why settle for an off the shelf water treatment system.  AWS is your source for Commercial Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems and complete packages built for your application.  From pretreatment to post-treatment, collection, and distribution, we help you wade through the myriad of options to build a complete system that meets the exacting requirements of your application.

Our RO systems are designed to provide a consistent supply of quality water with years and years of reliable trouble-free service.  Systems available from hundreds of gallons per day to hundreds of gallons per minute.  If that’s not enough, AWS can also customize your controllers to give you real-time information on various parameters that you choose including quality, pressures, and flows.  Outputs can be displayed locally or remotely and can even provide notifications to key personnel.

We take the time to understand your needs and learn how best to integrate the equipment with your process in terms of quality, demand, and usage.



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commercial reverse osmosis system

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Distribution System

Transferring your stored high purity water to various point(s) of use is an often, overlooked aspect of a water treatment package. AWS understands that the distribution system can be the linchpin to a successful treatment system.

AWS offers dual pump, skid mounted, systems for various flow and pressure ratings that provide a supply of high purity water to your process. The controller automatically alternates pumps based on run-time. If a pump fault is detected, the control will immediately put the alternate pump into service and an alarm will alert users to the fault condition. This built in redundancy ensures uninterrupted service and eliminates catastrophic failure or disruptions within your process.

Our distribution systems can be controlled locally or even remotely via our custom control panel, integrating everything from RO controls to tank level monitoring. Local and remote alarms as well as call outs can be added to notify the necessary personnel.



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reverse osmosis distribution system

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The All Water Advantage

Working with you to understand your process, AWS develops a system designed to work for your business. The AWS Advantage is realized through our quality equipment, built-in reliability, and turnkey systems that exceed expectations.

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