Carbon Filtration System


Carbon Filtration

Making a carbon filter sound exciting is impossible, but what is possible is to make it forgettable.

The consistency of feed water is vital to the performance of your water treatment system. Carbon filtration assists in providing that consistency. Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) removes chlorine and organics from your feed water.  Chlorine and organics can be damaging to other equipment such as water softeners, RO membranes, and exchange resins. By placing a carbon filter on the inlet side of a system you can effectively extend the life of your downstream equipment.  

By providing you with the most reliable, automatic equipment on the market and tracking the rebeds for you, your carbon filter becomes the most forgettable piece of equipment you own.  Tanks are constructed of fiberglass to eliminate corrosion, backwashes are automated with the most reliable valve on the market, and rebed tracking takes the guesswork out of carbon exchanges.  You’ll be asking “what carbon filter?” in no time. 




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industrial carbon filtration tank

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